Vacation Saving Tips!

One of the hardest parts about planning a trip - is saving money! 

I get it. It's so hard to save when you see that cute pair of shoes, commercial free Hulu exists, and who wants to give up Taco Tuesday?!

But, memories will always be more valuable then things, so let's talk money tips! 

Here are some of my favorites; 

The Change Jar; This is one of my favorite ways to save throughout the year. I put every. single. coin I come across in this jar. It's nothing special, or classy - it's a simple plastic jug. It is absolutely amazing how quickly change can add up! Would you believe there is almost $60 in this jar right now?! This is something anyone can do, and it's super fun for kids to physically watch the money "grow." 

The Savings Account;

I know this might seem like an obvious one, but I've found out that not a lot of people use a savings account. I opened one at a different bank then my day to day checking account. I leave the card at home tucked away, and every paycheck I automatically put a certain amount in that account. I also put "spent money" in there as well. If I buy something, then return it. The money I receive back goes straight to that account. Anything extra goes into this savings. I do my best not to look at it often so that I'm surprised by how much I saved when it's time to go on a trip! Yay for spending money! 

*Are you going on a Disney Vacation? There are many ways to save for Disney - including making payments up to a year in advance, or by using a Disney Savings Account. Message me if you want more information! 

Find The Best Deals;

Over the years I have spent hours and hours researching the best airfare, hotel prices, ticket prices, and anything I can do to save on the trip itself. This is something that's not easy, and definitely comes with experience. That's where I can come in! If you work with a Travel Agent {that's me!} I'll use all my years of experience and TA resources to find YOU the best deals! Send me a message here!

Buy Things Throughout The Year;

I typically know at least a few months in advanced before a trip. I try and buy things I know I'll need throughout the months leading up to the trip. I put all of this into a special box. This includes new clothes, accessories, travel gear, bags, etc. I also keep all my small travel toiletries and makeup together so I can reuse it each trip. It also helps me know what I need to rebuy or refill before the next getaway. This cuts down on the overall cost leading up to a trip.

Quality over Quantity;

It's taken me probably longer than it should have to realize that quality is almost always better than quantity. While it may cost a little more upfront, it makes up for it in the future. This goes for quality clothes, shoes, bedding, suitcases*, backpacks, etc. Plus it's nice to have nicer things you can keep longer and appreciate more! 

** Let's take a moment and talk about suitcases. I think it's SO important to have good suitcases! I made the mistake of having non-quality luggage, and boy did I pay for it! My fabric luggage broke while I was on a cross country tour, and not only did I have to ship things  home, it made the rest of the trip extremely difficult when it came to transporting everything. Here is the luggage I bought the day I got home. These pieces have been all over the world and I'm OBSESSED with them! They have been nothing but amazing! I can't say enough about this luggage set, and for the price? You can't beat it! {I got them in gold - and they're beautiful!} Click the pic below to buy now! 


This is the most important one. Before each trip I write down absolutely everything from airfare, hotel, tickets, tours, and anything else that will need to be bought and create a budget. That way I know exactly how much I need to save and after I pay bills, how long it'll take to save up! 

And the most important one -

You need to make it a priority. You can do it! 

Did I miss any of your favorite money saving tips?Let me know!